Friday, March 22, 2024

Versatility of Al’s Goldfish Classic Forty Niner Is Hard to Beat

It’s no secret that Al’s Goldfish Forty Niner has long been valued as a trolling and casting lure in open water for bass, trout, and salmon, as well as an outstanding ice jig for large freshwater species such as lake trout, walleye, northern pike and muskie. In fact, the lure is so popular for its distinctive shape and erratic action that a smaller version was created -the Lil’ 49er. The smaller version is ideal for fishing bass, trout, and salmon, as well as smaller species like crappie and other panfish.

Both feature a distinctive and unique flatfish-style head that creates vibration and flutter as the flat face helps them dive. When retrieved, the lure has a tight 270-degree barrel roll but does not spin. It is this shape and weight that also makes this lure an excellent choice not just for shallow-water fishing, but also for deep-water angling. When jogged, the 49eer produces an extremely enticing roll and glide action mimicking a wounded or fleeing baitfish. The design of the 49er allows it to be used successfully in almost any angling situation.

“The Forty Niner can run as deep as you like, both when trolled or when cast and retrieved using the countdown method,” said owner Paul Check. “Using this proven method, you can get the lure into the zone the fish hold in deep open water or keep it just off the bottom when fishing closer to shore or along submerged structures. It is this versatility, along with the lure’s unique action, that continue to make it one of the most popular lures in our entire lineup.”

The Forty Niner is available in 12 different color options, measures 2 ¼-inches long, weighs 5/16 oz., and features a #6 treble hook. The Lil’ 49er comes in 10 different colors, weighs ¼ oz., is 1 ¾-inches long, and features a #8 treble hook. The suggested retail price for the Forty Niner is $5.40, while the MSRP for the Lil’ 49er is $5.29. All of Al’s Goldfish lures are proudly manufactured in the USA. To see the Forty Niner’s unique action, check out this short YouTube video:

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