Friday, June 7, 2024

ANECHOIC Launches New Affiliate Program

Hurricane, UT— ANECHOIC™, a leading manufacturer of premium titanium suppressors, has announced a new affiliate program partnership with Avantlink, the premier affiliate marketing platform. The program aims to recruit outdoor and firearm industry influencers/affiliates to promote ANECHOIC's products to their respective audiences.

With the launch of this new program, ANECHOIC™ aims to build a strong affiliate network that will help increase brand awareness and promote its product offerings to a broader audience. The program is open to all outdoor and firearm industry influencers/affiliates interested in promoting ANECHOIC's top-tier products to their followers.

"We are excited to partner with Avantlink and launch this new affiliate program," said Miranda Cook, ANECHOIC's Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy. "We believe this program will help us reach new audiences and attract more customers to our brand. We look forward to working with influencers/affiliates who share our passion for suppressors and are interested in promoting our products to their followers."

The ANECHOIC™ affiliate program offers a competitive commission rate, dedicated account management, and a range of creative resources to help influencers and affiliates promote our products effectively. Interested influencers and affiliates can sign up for the program through the ANECHOIC™ website here.


ANECHOIC™ is a technology-driven engineering and manufacturing company creating the lightest, highest-performance, best-looking suppressors that have ever existed. Shoot our cans, and we think you'll agree. Meet our people, and we think you'll understand. Our team includes the top minds in firearms suppression engineering, AI-tuned gas flow physics, advanced metallurgy, precision CNC machining, laser, robotic, and electron beam manufacturing, and modern sporting arms.

The Genesis of ANECHOIC™ can be traced to a group of brilliant engineers designing hypersonic jet engine inlets who shared a passion for firearms. They used those same technologies and skill sets to create the ultimate suppressor designs and unique physics algorithms to optimize their internal shaping. You will experience the results yourself every time you shoot an AnechoX suppressor! The X-Baffle Anechoic™ Chamber System with an interrupted central tube provides shooters with unmatched noise reduction-to-weight ratios and optimal shooting experiences.

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Miranda Cook

Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy