Friday, February 23, 2024

Al’s Goldfish: Deadly on a Wide Variety of Saltwater Species

Al’s Goldfish Lures have been a staple of freshwater anglers for more than seven decades. But did you know they’re deadly on a wide variety of saltwater species as well?

The Saltwater Goldfish has some weight to it and a hook to match. These lures feature the original Goldfish shape and action built specifically to attract various saltwater species. These killer lures feature hard-baked paint, custom-tied teaser, size 3/0 VMC J hooks, and a wobble and flutter that salt species can't ignore. As is the case with all of Al's Goldfish lures, we say, "Cast it, Troll it, Jig it!" because this lure is effective in many different applications. When casting, use the 3/4 oz when you're on top of the fish and the 1 ¼ oz, when you need to cast past the breakers. Or, you can troll it slowly (about two knots, plus or minus) with at least three feet of leader. Alternatively, jig it off the bottom and let the famous Goldfish flutter action catch the attention of bottom-dwellers. Available colors include gold, nickel, copper, neon blue, chartreuse, chartreuse lime, chartreuse orange, and white pink (1/2 oz. size); gold, nickel, copper, neon blue, neon green, gold orange (3/4 oz. size); and neon pearl, chartreuse pearl, and black pearl (1 ¼ oz. size). MSRP is $7.49 (1/2 oz.), $10.99 (3/4 oz.), and $11.49 (1 ¼ oz.) sizes.

For extra savings, the Saltwater Goldfish Surfcasting Kit features six saltwater lures in two sizes (three 3/4 oz. and three 1 ¼ oz.) in a Flambeau box. These lures feature the original Goldfish shape and action built specifically for saltwater fishing with 100 lb. test rings, hard-baked paints, a custom-tied teaser, 4/0 VMC J hooks, and a wobble that striped bass, blues and the other monsters of the salt attack viciously. Total lure and hook length is 4 ½ inches -- and it casts like a bullet. A $70.94 value, our price is just $59.99.

Also available is the Fish Wrap Writer Special Edition Saltwater Goldfish. Designed by Todd Corayer, aka The Fish Wrap Writer, it has been primarily designed to catch striped bass and bluefish -- but the lure has proven itself deadly on black sea bass, summer flounder, scup, and sea robins as well. The colors – green back, light underbelly, and black spots -- were specifically chosen to be most effective in all sorts of water conditions. It was built to catch fish in heavy surf, deep waters, and on bright sunny days where color and size matters. Green is the preferred color for deep water, as it travels further below the surface than red, orange, or yellow – meaning fish can see it better in any water conditions. The side dots help it imitate menhaden, a primary forage fish for all sorts of species, and its unique side-to-side wobble is irresistible. This deadly lure is made from marine-grade nickel-plated brass coated with hard-baked paints (like all Al’s Goldfish lures, it is hand-painted) and features both 100 lb. test split rings and a custom teaser on a 3/0 VMC J hook. MSRP: $10.99.

Then there’s the Wicked Wec High-Low Rig, perfect for jigging with two Goldfish flashers for bottom-feeding species like fluke, black sea bass, tautog, scup, cod, haddock, and more. MSRP is $21.99.

“While Al’s Goldfish Lures have been slamming freshwater species around the world for eons, our saltwater lures are just as deadly,” said owner Paul Check. “Give them a try and see for yourself. I know you won’t be disappointed in the results.” You can find more information about these and the company’s complete line of lures and accessory products by visiting