Friday, November 17, 2023

Liberty Ammunition – Top 45 ACP in Tactical Life Magazine

BRADENTON, FL – Liberty Ammunition is featured in Tactical Life Magazine.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition says: “This is simple. Liberty makes the best 9mm ammo and we make the best .45 ammo. You can read the full article by going to: Athlon Outdoor Store (

Being the best is when the author writes:”

- Recoil was essentially non-existent.

- Emptying magazine after magazine was way too much fun.

- Groups were plenty tight.

- If you carry a double stack and a spare, you can shave ½ pound in weight.

Ramey added, “It’s simple, consumers own firearms for self-protection. Liberty Ammo makes the best self-defense ammo. Liberty does the following:

·Hits Harder.

·Is Lighter to carry.

·Penetrates Barriers.

·Ruptures in soft tissue & dumps ALL the energy into the threat.

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in self-defense ammunition for consumers, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty Ammunition penetrates barriers and ruptures in soft tissue, dumping ALL the energy into the target. This creates a hydrostatic shock and neutralizes the threat.

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