Friday, September 16, 2022

Gemini Customs’ “Beautiful Belly Beast” Tops November GUNS

“I can tell you from firsthand experience this is no parts-box AR made in a garage from gun show scores and a beater frame,” lends FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington on the Gemini Customs’ Ruger GP100 featured in the Nov. issue of GUNS Magazine. “There’s an obviously experienced artist’s eye at work with a Gemini build. The sum of the parts merge seamlessly into a final whole. No shortcuts, ‘almosts’ or compromises here.”

Huntington observes, “With seven shots of .357 Magnum, this wheelgun doesn’t lack anything in firepower, making it a serious — and classy — choice for self-defense carry. Inside the guard cutout is the 2.5-lb. single-action trigger which is so precise, consistent and addictive you’ll find yourself simply exercising your trigger finger for the sheer joy of feeling of the action.”

The Sixgunner himself, Mr. John Taffin, pens “The Ultimate Loading Guide” for black powder sixguns. There are so many choices of powders and bullets the search for the best load from one particular gun is endless. “Shooting black powder sixguns is so much simpler,” he notes. “All one has to do is dump a little powder in the chamber, seat the ball, cap and shoot. So much simpler. Or is it?” Taffin shares his decades of experience and takes the mystery out of successful black powder shooting with percussion sixguns/cap & ball revolvers.

An ADCO Arms’ BA112 pump-action shotgun combo tops November’s Gun of the Month giveaway. Its standard polymer stock is practical and durable, and when the 28" barrel is added, it becomes a wide-ranging tool in the field. The BA112 has five-round capacity, OAL of 30" and weighs 5.9 lbs. November’s winner will also receive a Sheep Creek knife from TOPS Knives and Pioneer Dehumidifier from SilentDry. The prize package is valued at $603.99. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online at

Other points of interest in Nov. GUNS include a closer look at an exquisite EDC knife from Ontario Knives, the Ti 22 Equinox, in the Knives column. Pat Covert notes, “The Ti 22 Equinox is an exercise in fluid design from stem to stem.” Taylor’s & Company’s “1858 The Ace” — based on the 1858 Remington — is an ode to the wild, wild west with a decidedly Steampunk flavor, according to Frank Jardim. And GUNS Editor Brent T. Wheat explains how he got a bit ahead of himself experimenting with reactive targets during his SWAT Team days in the Insider installment.

Discover more at as well as new episodes of the GUNS Magazine Podcast, including “Are We Making Cops Into Cowards?” with guest Tyson Warmoth. Purchase the Nov. issue or order a subscription at Kindle and digital versions are also available.