Friday, January 13, 2023

APEX Rounds Out Release Trio with an Open Hook Design

For 2023, the APEX GEAR Tellus Open Hook BOA Release rounds out a fantastic index-finger release trio that will demand attention from the stick-and-string masses.

The open hook design of the Tellus ensures rapid release-to-D-loop attachment, a feature many shooters covet during crunch time. Open hook release designs are also easy on D-loops because there is only a curved hook and no jaws that touch the string. Like all the releases in APEX’s new-for-2023 lineup, the Tellus features a sear-less firing mechanism, forward trigger position, and a black polished steel jaw and trigger. The trigger is longer and thinner than other releases offered by APEX GEAR, and for many shooters a longer trigger boosts trigger feel and reduces pre-shot anxiety because they can get into the trigger and still get a crisp and consistent trigger pull.

The release head is fully adjustable along a threaded silver post, and the head pivots out of the way when not in use. This feature is one not to overlook, especially for those who roam the West with trekking poles, Midwest whitetail hunters, or anyone who hates the feeling that their release head is always in the way. The BOA Fit System provides absolute attachment simplicity, and archers can get the exact fit and feel every time they slap the Tellus around their wrists.

The Tellus Open Hook BOA Release is available through shooting sports retailers and online at

Tellus Open Hook BOA Release Features:

? Patented BOA Fit System wrist strap

? Sear-less firing mechanism

? Open hook design

? Torque-less 360 degree rotating head

? Nitride finished trigger and jaws

? Forward trigger position

? Pivoting release head

? Adjustable release positions

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