Friday, March 26, 2021

May GUNS Features The Pedersoli Howdah

“Why make a howdah today?” asks FMG Publications’ Roy Huntington. “Frankly, there’s no good reason at all, which makes it all the more unique, interesting and fun.” Featured on the cover of May GUNS Magazine, the Pedersoli Howdah blends highlights of the original with 21st century technology.

Popularized in the 19th century when India was under British colonial rule, the howdah pistol began as a cut-down military rifle used to hunt atop an elephant’s back. Pedersoli’s version is chambered in .45 Colt with two 10.25" barrels (yes, they can be shot simultaneously), and features top-notch workmanship on a gun simply made for fun. Huntington remarks, “It’s absolutely nearly as much fun as law allows, plus it raises eyes to high heaven when people see it. ‘What the bajesus is that thing!?’ they ask. ‘It’s a howdah pistol,’ you say smiling. ‘A what?’ they say, eyebrows raised. Then the game is afoot. It’s fun, trust me.”

Lightweight accuracy and good looks combine in the four variations of Smith & Wesson Performance Center T/CR22 rifles chambered in .22 LR. Designed and developed for competitive shooting and small-game hunting, the rifles sports a 20" barrel and weigh in at a mere 4.7 lbs. American COP Editor Denny Hansen lends, “An excellent feature are inlets machined on either side of the stock in the area of the safety. This makes manipulating the crossbolt safety to either the fire or safe position easy.”

A Walther Arms PDP Compact tops the May Firearms Package Giveaway. Sporting a 4" barrel and 15+1 capacity, the 9mm is ideal for personal protection. The winner will also receive a PepperBall Compact from PepperBall and an Ace Iona Green Aluminum knife from Giant Mouse Knives. Valued at a nearly $800, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online at

The May issue also addresses how self-defense training — for women in particular — is more important now than ever before. Mia Anstine delivers insights on how training, classes and learning the basics enhance a woman’s experience with firearms in addition to strengthening her defensive shooting skills. In Montana Musings, Mike “Duke” Venturino examines the old and new Ruger Blackhawk .44. According to Duke, like fine wine, they get better with age. In a world short on ammo, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale extols the virtues of FX Airgun’s Impact MK II air rifle — capable of delivering 1-1.5" groups at 50 years with .35-cal. pellets.

This month’s Online Exclusive features a first look at new guns and gear in “New Products for 2021.” GUNS Magazine digital subscriptions, as well as the May issue, are available for purchase at Download GUNS Magazine Podcasts episodes online anytime at and other popular streaming sites.