Friday, August 5, 2022

Media Lodge Taps Jenn Jacques for Brand Strategist Role

Media Lodge, the outdoor industry’s leading digital media platform, has hired media maven Jenn Jacques for a newly created Brand Strategist position, announced company president, Christen Everly.

In her new role, Jacques will set strategy and lead her team in managing and executing Media Lodge’s owned brands,,, She’ll be responsible for establishing tone, authenticity, and keeping engagement high for all brands through content development, influencer program growth, and directing the associated social media and SEO efforts.

Jenn Jacques is a widely recognized and greatly respected brand developer in the firearms and outdoors industry with an impressive history of success using media to showcase core values and bring brand personalities to life to a larger audience. Most recently, Jenn served as Director of Communications then Director of Digital Outreach for Firearms Policy Coalition where she developed the digital and social strategy to increase awareness of the organization and its fundraising mission. As Communications Director for MTC CrossBreed Holsters, she lead the brand voice via social media, editorial content, influencers, and industry relations programs. Jenn has also held the prestigious role of Editor-In-Chief and social media manager at Bearing Arms and has served as Editor-at-Large for TTAG, freelance writer for USCCA and Shooting Illustrated, a featured writer for Carry Guard, and a Visiting Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum.

Jenn was named a Local Champion of Gun Safety by the NSSF in conjunction with their annual Project ChildSafe S.A.F.E. Summer campaign, which is an organization and mission close to her heart. Jacques has been an influencer for such brands as CrossBreed Holsters, Secret Compartment Furniture, UnderTech UnderCover, Project ChildSafe, Walther, MantisX, Streamlight, Sig Sauer Airsoft, Brownells, Hornady, and Daniel Defense. She has been a frequent guest and contributor to several NRA News programs, NSSF, and many other notable media programs both in and outside the firearms industry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jenn to Media Lodge,” said Everly. “We are all about media brands with strong consumer engagement. As a well-recognized and respected brand developer in the industry with a proven history of bringing brand values and personalities to life, Jenn is the perfect fit to lead our outdoor and shooting sports media properties!”

“When I received the offer to work with Media Lodge, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity,” Jacques recounted. “As a leader in marketing, advertising, and content creation in the firearms industry, I am honored to have considerable latitude with our influential media brands to advance the mission of getting more people outdoors.

As we’ve seen in recent years, individuals across every demographic are getting back into nature as a way to alleviate stress, spend time with family, stay healthy, and harvest food. I am thrilled to be able to bring my expertise and knowledge to create fresh and exciting content to help more people become true outdoor enthusiasts!”

Jenn lives in southern Missouri with her husband John and together they have three children - Alex, Kade, and Grace. In her free time, Jacques enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, kayaking, fishing, shooting sports, hunting, defending and restoring the 2nd Amendment, and educating others on the importance of protecting our civil liberties.

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