Friday, May 26, 2023

Powder Valley Expands Product Offering with Fix It Sticks

Powder Valley is pleased to announce the addition of Fix It Sticks as one of the latest additions to our offering of Hunting and Shooting Tools.

Fix It Sticks are designed and prototyped in Illinois, and crafted with extreme precision in Taiwan, it’s a compact, lightweight system of highly modular T-handles that work with a variety of specialty tools and torque limiters, as well as standard 1/4" bits. You get the best of everything: shop-level precision, fantastic performance and unbeatable portability.

We believed in the Fix It Sticks system. And we knew we’d gotten it right when we started receiving orders from competitive shooters and military snipers. Next thing we knew, manufacturers such as Barrett Firearms and Heckler & Koch wanted to include our tools with their products and as part of military contracts. We even started receiving orders directly from military units across the country.

Since then, we’ve added so many useful components to the system, we’ve become a favorite of your average firearms enthusiasts, who appreciate great tools, loves to tinker, build their own firearms, swap optics, and more.

Visit to see Powder Valley’s offering of Fix It Sticks products.