Friday, December 20, 2019

Bangers LP Announces 2020 Online Dealer E-Show

Bangers LP, one of the leading shooting sports distributors in the nation, is proud to announces big savings and dealer incentives during their 2020 online E-Show event January 6 -17, 2020.

Bangers will be hosting over 50 vendors exclusive programs through their online dealer portal During the 10 day event, dealers will have the opportunity to take advantage of manufacturer stocking programs and capitalize on an array of discounts and free good incentives. In order to provide dealers with even greater opportunities, Bangers will have DAILY DEALS and HOT SHOW specials available for purchase through the online portal.

“Dealers have come to realize that Bangers E-Show is a lucrative opportunity to enhance real profit margins on core firearms, ammunition, and accessory items as well as lock down delivery of high demand items. We strive to make our E-Show meaningful and impactful to drive significant value to our loyal dealer partners,” stated Bangers’ Director of Business Development Shane Wheaton.

Founded in 1986, Bangers L.P. is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with regional sales representatives in 13 states. A leading national shooting sports wholesale distributor representing over 150 individual manufacturers, Bangers is the firearms retailer Shooting Sports Source!