Friday, November 17, 2023

Brand New TALO Exclusive Glock 49MOS In Stock and Ready to Ship

TALO Expands Their Exclusive Line with a New Glock 49MOS Introduction.

Camfour is featuring this TALO exclusive Glock 49MOS and it is in stock, ready to ship! The 49MOS in 9mm has a 4.9” barrel. It is available in both 10 & 15rd capacity with both front (white dot) & rear (white outline) polymer sights, the Glock 49MOS exclusive is a crossover design incorporating the full size G17 MOS Slide with the G19 frame.

TALO is a wholesale buying cooperative that was started in 1965 by sporting goods wholesalers. TALO commissions limited edition and exclusive firearms from top manufacturers and distributes them to stocking sporting goods dealers across the United States. These firearms give retailers an opportunity to carry exciting custom, limited edition firearms only available through TALO distributors that help diversify their assortments, and allow for increased margins.

Contact Camfour for more ordering details on this or the entire TALO exclusive product line.

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