Friday, June 28, 2024

Berger Adds New Target Ammunition Offerings for 2024

Berger has announced the expansion of their successful Berger Target ammunition line which is purpose-built to exceed the demands of long-range precision shooting enthusiasts. Two new offerings for 2024 are as follows: 6.5 PRC 153.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT), and 300 PRC 215 Grain Hybrid Target.

Berger Target ammunition is crafted from the highest quality components, with the foundation being Berger’s high BC, hybrid-ogive target bullet; the #1 choice of top long-range competitors and serious precision shooting enthusiasts. Combined with premium Lapua cartridge cases and Vihtavuori propellants, Berger ammunition delivers all the components a savvy handloader desires, in an “off-the-shelf” factory offering delivering unprecedented precision.

All Berger bullets and ammunition utilize Berger’s J4 Jacket, which is held to the tightest tolerances measuring less than .0003” TIR (total indicated runout).

“Long-range competitive shooters and target shooting enthusiasts who have little time or desire to handload have insisted we craft ammunition offerings with the highest level of precision,” stated Berger President, Dan Thelen. “Our entire Berger ammunition line is now built from only the highest quality components available in the marketplace, providing peak performance for those without time at the reloading bench to build their own.”

New 300 PRC 215 Grain Hybrid Target ammunition is available now through authorized Berger retailers and the 6.5 PRC 153.5 Grain LRHT are available to order now with delivery this fall.

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