Friday, May 10, 2024

Stream Now: MOTV Launches Exclusive ‘Bone Collector Channel’

MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) announces the launch of the eagerly awaited Bone Collector Channel, now available on its streaming platform. This unique channel features Michael Waddell, one of the hunting world's most charismatic and beloved personalities, bringing together years of thrilling outdoor adventures in one place. MOTV is Outdoor Sportsman Group’s No. 1 global subscription streaming platform.

The Bone Collector Channel pulls from the extensive library of content from the hit series Bone Collector with Michael Waddell showcasing episodes spanning from 2017 to 2023. Viewers can also watch five seasons of the Bone Collector turkey hunting series Can’t Stop The Flop, providing fans with an up close-and personal look at how the Bone Collector crew goes turkey hunting.

The Bone Collector Channel continues a new era for MOTV, introducing host-driven live TV channels that focus on the most influential figures in the outdoor community. More channels are coming in 2024, that will feature seasons of captivating programming, connecting viewers directly with their favorite outdoor personalities and content.

"With the addition of the Bone Collector Channel to our other live TV channels we're not just offering our audience more of the content they love — we're giving them new ways to watch the content they love," said Sr. Vice President and?MOTV?General Manager, Sean Luxton. "Michael Waddell is a huge part of the outdoor community, and we're really excited to share this exclusive channel with MyOutdoorTV subscribers.”

Digital streaming has revolutionized how outdoor enthusiasts consume content, and MyOutdoorTV continues to lead the way. Users across various platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS/App Store, Google Play Store, and Smart TVs, now have on-demand access to the best hunting shows, expertly curated by MyOutdoorTV.

MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) continues to add to its growing list of 24/7, ad-free, Live TV Channels. Bone Collector Channel joins HuntStream, AnglerStream, Major League Fishing Channel, and WhitetailStream, all featuring the world’s best hunting and fishing shows whenever and wherever you choose to watch – available to subscribers on ALL DEVICES from a big screen TV at home to a phone in a bass boat or a tree-stand in the woods.

Stay tuned for the future channels coming out on MOTV this year, including Buck Commander Channel and Guns & Ammo TV Channel.

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