Friday, February 3, 2023

Daniel Defense Appoints Rod Reasen as CEO

Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, announces that Rod Reasen will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. Rod will report directly to Founder, Owner and Chairman of the Board, Marty Daniel.

“I have owned and operated my own businesses for the last 37 years. Having spent the last 22 years building this amazing company into now one of the world's largest manufacturers of modern sporting rifles, I’m proud to say it has been an incredible journey and one of the most rewarding times in my life,” said Daniel. “That said, I am excited that today’s news will allow me to focus on spending more time with my family, supporting Cindy in her efforts to continue to grow the “Double D Foundation” and finally, dedicating more time and energy on “The Company’s Mission,” that is…To make a long-term financial impact on God's Kingdom and to preserve the message of the gospel by actively protecting the Second Amendment.”

A New Chapter for Daniel Defense

“Going forward, I will serve as Founder, Owner, and Chairman of the Board for Daniel Defense. I will also continue to work diligently in efforts to support our commitment to the Second Amendment thru legislative and social awareness and educational efforts. In addition, I will continue to lead the strategic vision of Daniel Defense and support our incredible employees on their continuous journey to create the best firearms in the world and the best firearms company in the world,” said Daniel.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Rod Reasen will assume the role of CEO effective Monday, February 6th. Rod joined my CEO peer group five years ago, and over time, we have developed a trusting relationship and quickly came to realize we have a lot in common. We are both entrepreneurs, and both have the desire to grow God’s kingdom. Rod has been highly successful in his career, and I am confident he is the right leader to take Daniel Defense to the next level,” said Daniel.

A Passionate and People-First Leader

Rod Reasen is an experienced business builder and executive leader. He’s built a career with a singular focus on mentoring, aligning, and growing teams to optimize performance in mission-minded organizations.

Rod was raised in rural Indiana, where he was the son of a machinist who taught him the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. At a young age, Rod learned the compounding effect of finance and ideas by buying and selling cars at a profit. This early venture fueled Rod’s entrepreneurial passion.

As a seasoned founder, Rod’s vision and leadership have commercialized new ideas that today are adopted by the largest companies in America. Whether bootstrapping a new idea or scaling through institutional capital, Rod has deep expertise in managing organizational growth.

He is a creator at heart, with an equal passion for innovation and for the people he serves.

Rod has mentored teams and executives throughout his career, and today actively advises growth-minded operators and venture funds.

Rod is also a lifelong learner and avid reader. When he is not starting, scaling, or advising businesses, he can be found pursuing adventure sports and supporting cause-based non-profits. Rod and his wife are active in their community and enjoy raising their four children.

“I wish Rod great success as I step aside from my current role as President and CEO of Daniel Defense and move into my new role as Founder and Chairman of the Board. Cindy and I will remain very involved in the business, working with Rod and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure DD remains one of the premier firearms manufacturers in the world,” said Daniel.

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