Friday, October 15, 2021

Shadow Systems’ “Upscale Striker Nine” Featured In Dec. GUNS

“Shadow Systems is a different sort of gun company,” lends Will Dabbs, MD of the up-and-coming firearms manufacturer featured in the Dec. issue of GUNS Magazine. “From top to bottom, they are comprised of compulsive gun folk. … Guns are designed first and foremost to be reliable. Every millimeter is optimized for pure unfiltered function. The fact they also look cool is simply gravy.”

Dabbs went hands on with the MR920L — a full-size striker-fired 9mm that can fill a variety of roles including duty, home defense and concealed carry. He notes, “Something about these Shadow Systems pistols just feels good. There is a natural spot for each of my fingers and the grip inserts let me configure the chassis to suit my big monkey mitts. It is obvious when you heft these things some really smart people put a lot of effort into making everything perfect.”

“Picking up this splendid shooter and holding it at arm’s length, you’ll immediately be transposed into the 19th century, outfitted in sweat-soaked khakis and pith helmet, aiming at one of Africa’s grand mystical animals,” suggests Jeff “Tank” Hoover of the Courteney Stalking Rifle from Uberti. For anyone looking to boost their shooting arsenal without breaking the bank, Tank contends the classically finished British-style hunting arm is “splendidly correct” for American species of deer, elk, pigs and other exotic game.

Closing out another year of amazing prizes, the Dec. issue’s Firearms Package Giveaway is topped by a Model 995 from Hi-Point Firearms. The 9mm PCC sports a 16" threaded barrel, skeletonized stock, Picatinny rails and detachable box magazine. The lucky winner will also receive 500 rounds of Barnaul 9mm Luger 115-grain FMJ ammo and a Torrent Double Rifle Case from Full Forge Gear. The package is valued at $587.95. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Wrapping up GUNS December, Massad Ayoob reveals why bear or bad guy, the Springfield Ronin 10mm is ready, while Denny Hansen makes the case for the Henry Big Boy Classic as a viable defensive rifle. Considering the variety of government-issued handguns during WWII, and a personal collection to be admired, Mike “Duke” Venturino admits his fondness for a particular few in Montana Musings. ’Tis the season of mirth and merriment, after all, and Dr. Dabbs’ account of an awkward encounter with a grenade launcher and a trio of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Shooter’s Rx installment will definitely not disappoint.

Discover more at, including FMG Digital Editor Serena Juchnowski’s look at the Vortex Venom 5-25x56 FFP. Purchase the Dec. issue or order a digital subscription Kindle and digital versions are also available.