Friday, March 22, 2024

RTS Tactical: Body Armor Certified to the Highest Standards

RTS Tactical, manufacturer of the most technologically advanced body armor and ballistic shielding products for law enforcement, military, and civilian applications, is excited to announce the company’s Quality Management System has successfully achieved conformance certification with ISO 9001:2015 and BA 9000:2016 standards.

ISO 9001 certification means an organization has proven their ability to consistently meet customer expectations, improve performance, and demonstrate a dedication to quality.

BA 9000 is the application of ISO 9001 specific to ballistic-resistant body armor manufacturing, which is a more extensive standard resulting from a collaboration involving the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Per the US Department of Justice, “Certification to BA 9000 means that an officer can have a higher degree of confidence that armor purchased from a manufacturer who has a BA 9000 accredited manufacturing facility will be constructed and perform similarly to the armor originally tested and found to comply with NIJ Standard 0101.06 and NIJ Compliance Testing Program requirements.”

Gaining this prestigious recognition places RTS Tactical among the elite few organizations in the US to have been certified under this esteemed standard and validates RTS Tactical’s unwavering commitment to quality management in adherence to international standards.

For RTS Tactical, this certification is a battle won and a testament to the company’s mission to design and manufacture best-in-class tactical gear for the fearless men and women in uniform. It also underscores the integrity of RTS Tactical’s Quality Policy to fulfill and exceed customers’ expectations by continuously improving services and internal processes.

“Our fearless leadership team has relentlessly worked towards meeting and exceeding the rigorous requirements of ISO certifications,” said Andres Peraza - Director of Operations at RTS Tactical. “In the trenches of everyday operations, every single employee of RTS Tactical displayed commitment, hard work, and passion for excellence. We owe this achievement to the collective efforts of each and everyone in the company, and we are proud to say that our successful certification is the mark of a battle-hardened organization ready to face any challenge with discipline, precision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.”

As an ISO-certified manufacturer, RTS Tactical will continue to design and develop body armor and tactical gear that passes rigorous and extensive design and manufacturing processes following the company’s Quality Management System and ensure that all required regulatory and field-testing standards meet and exceed industry standards.

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