Friday, May 22, 2020

Summit Outdoors Releases Elevators Bonus Pack

Summit Outdoors, LLC, the original provider of Elevators®, will now supply a NEW Elevator® bonus pack for a limited time to help you elevate your hunting to the next level. Recently, Summit Outdoors™ came out with an Elevator® hardware pack, which includes 1/4 x 2-1/2” Structural Lag Screws featuring a SPAX PowerLag design and thread technology. Each set of Elevators® 1088X Bonus Packs are Made in the USA and include (4) individual E1088 brackets and 1 box (50 count) Elevator PowerLag screws to complete the set.

“We have created this bonus pack as an added value to the customer. Everyone that elevates a blind has to buy structural hardware, and we wanted to provide them with the one-stop solution by including the hardware with our Elevators®,” said Josh Pawlak.

Elevators® Structural Screws by SPAX PowerLags offer an unparalleled level of fastening efficiency, reliability, and value for structural wood assemblies and heavy carpentry. PowerLags’ patented thread technology makes installation faster and easier, with fastening performance that is building code recognized.

Save time with the Elevators® E1088 4x4 compound angle elevator brackets. Elevator brackets are built with over 30% more premium-grade steel than any competitor, making them longer and stronger. They are designed for the elements and can withstand corrosion, high winds and frigid temperatures that others cannot. Each 4x4 insert has a pocket depth of 5.75” to ensure maximum safety and sturdiness. Elevators® use heavy-duty 12-gauge steel with robotically-welded joints. These “Made in the USA” brackets are strong enough for any project including the next do-it-yourself playhouse, swing set platform, deer blind, or free-standing deck. The Elevators® are designed with an 8° angle that is scientifically-proven to be the optimum angle for vertical load, preventing side-to-side sway. On your next project, use the original and the best brackets. Use American made Elevators®, from Summit Outdoors™.

NEW Elevator® bonus packs retail for $99.99 and are available on or through authorized dealers.