Friday, June 7, 2024

Burris Announces Alberto Corbetta Promotion

Leading U.S. optic manufacturer Burris has announced the promotion of Alberto Corbetta to the position of Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. The transition of Corbetta into his new role is effective immediately.

Corbetta, who is originally from Italy, joined Burris in late 2022 to fill Burris Company’s VP Strategic Brand & Product Marketing position. Previously, Corbetta served as part of the Burris marketing team before transferring to Steiner Optik in Germany — Burris’ sister company under the Beretta Holdings umbrella —where he was involved in marketing and development.

In his newly appointed role with Burris, Corbetta will continue to oversee global branding, marketing, and product management for Burris, as well as absorb worldwide sales responsibilities for the Burris brand and for the Steiner brand in the U.S.

“Both Burris and Steiner brands have enjoyed a tremendous explosion of technological innovations and new product rollouts over the last few years,” said Corbetta, “and there are more exciting developments on the way. I look forward to working with an even larger team of passionate industry professionals as we help move these legendary brands forward in the coming months and years.”

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