Friday, May 10, 2024

Chris Woodrow Appointed Digital Marketing Manager at ZeroTech

ZeroTech, a leading innovator in precision optical technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris “Woody” Woodrow as the Digital Marketing Manager. This strategic hire is part of ZeroTech's ongoing efforts to enhance its digital presence and engage more effectively with customers worldwide.

Chris brings a wealth of experience in digital marketing within the optics and firearms industry. Prior to joining ZeroTech, he was instrumental at the Lightforce Group comprising of Lightforce, Nightforce, APRS and Force Ordnance. His significant contributions to the Australian Land 159 Lethality System project, particularly in the creation and deployment of high-end digital materials to support the implementation of an Australian-built precision rifle system, display his capacity to lead innovative and high-stakes projects.

“When someone as achieved as Woody joins your team, it really showcases the growth and commitment that ZeroTech has had within the market. He completely believes in our vision, and we are thrilled to have him leading our digital marketing strategy,” Said Nathan Dudney, President of ZeroTech USA.

In his new role at ZeroTech, Chris is responsible for developing and executing digital marketing strategies that promote ZeroTech’s mission to deliver exceptional quality and innovative optical solutions. He will also oversee the digital promotion of new product launches and enhance customer interaction through various digital platforms.

"I'm thrilled to be part of a team that values robust product development and innovative digital outreach. My experience at Lightforce/Nightforce has equipped me well to elevate ZeroTech's digital presence and connect more dynamically with our global customers," said Chris.

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