Friday, January 14, 2022

TaurusTX 22 Competition Tops March GUNS

Of the TaurusTX 22 Competition featured in March issue of GUNS, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale lends, “This is one of the rare pistols that surprised, no, shocked me, with its downrange performance.”

The TaurusTX 22 Competition boasts all the bells, whistles and pure fun you can tack onto an optic-equipped, striker-fired .22 pistol at a nice price. McHale notes, “A lot of polymer guns come through here, but it’s a rare specimen capable of shooting 1" groups from 25 yards with regularity. When 1" groups look at you, it’s time to face the facts — this one is a keeper.”

“What if I had to drive through Afghanistan’s Helmand Province or some of the seedier parts of Chicago? Were this the case I’d spend whatever it took to obtain the most rugged and dependable vehicle I could afford. If my life — or the life of my family members — rode on the dependability of some machine, I’d do that up right. So it is with the Red Arrow Weapons RAW 300,” muses Will Dabbs, MD. As he explains in more detail, the nicely accessorized Red Arrow Weapons RAW 300 is the ideal general-purpose home-defense and light-utility hunting arm.

A BCM RECCE 16 KMR-A from Bravo Company tops March GUNS’ Firearms Package Giveaway. It boasts BCMGunfighter upgrades like a KMR Alpha handguard, a charging handle, Mod 0 compensator, buttstock, Mod 3 pistol grip and more. The lucky winner will also receive a TLR-RM2 from Streamlight, a Kith knife from CRKT and a Pioneer Dehumidifier from SilentDry. The package is valued at more than $1,575. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Additional highlights in March GUNS include Jeff “Tank” Hoover’s Everyday Carry installment, “Pocket Dump And Peanut Butter Preparedness” — a set of recommendations for what to have on hand, in the car and at home to solve big, and little, problems as they arise. Though he isn’t a gambler, Mike “Duke” Venturino’s luck changed when he found the better part of a German bcd4 sniper rifle on rare visit to a pawn shop. He recounts the serendipitous find in Montana Musings. And in “The Dreaded Camp Rifle,” Mark Hampton explores the trials and triumphs of traveling to places far and wide for a hunt, only to discover luggage, gear and equipment lost in transit and the need to borrow a guide’s gun.

Discover more at, including FMG Digital Editor Serena Juchnowski’s “Reloading Room Organization: Streamline Your Process.” Purchase the Mar. issue or order a digital subscription at Kindle and digital versions are also available.