Friday, May 10, 2024

Premier Match Grade Half-out Components Now Available for 4mm Arrows

The new 2024 line-up of Easton 4mm Match Grade Half-outs, representing the industry’s finest precision inserts are showing up on dealer shelves nationwide. The patent-pending half-outs have been engineered with insights from top archers and pro shops and the result is groundbreaking designs that redefine accuracy and toughness all while offering a new level of customization to the ultra-micro-diameter arrow category.

Each model in the new line of inserts incorporates a precisely machined post fitted with a protective collar. In addition, the design features a zero-tolerance alignment ring that positions the post in virtually perfect center to the shaft. A unique protective collar adds coverage over the post and the front of the arrow to increase impact protection versus regular half-out collars that only cover the end of the shaft. The new Easton Match Grade Half-out design allows for different materials to be used in specific areas which, further increases strength and provides a broad range of weight options:

  • 55-grain aluminum
  • 75-grain half steel
  • 100-grain titanium/steel
  • 150-grain full steel

The 55, 75, and titanium 100-grain half-outs are offered in five sizes to ensure a perfect fit for the entire spectrum of Easton 4mm arrows. For the stiffer shaft spine sizes, a 150-grain full-steel variant is offered for those seeking a higher level of front-of-center balance. Match Grade Half-outs are available and sold separately for archers seeking to customize and fine-tune their arrow set-ups while Easton 4mm Match Grade arrows come with the 55-grain half-outs included.

See your dealer today, and discover the future of arrow customization, precision, and durability with Easton Match Grade Half-Outs or visit