Friday, February 23, 2024

Bear Creek Arsenal Ambi Rear Charging 5.56 Nato Upper

Bear Creek Arsenal’s new ambidextrous charging handle is a crucial accessory for any firearm enthusiast. Our 5.56 Nato upper gives the versatility of the charging handle giving shooters speed and precision when they matter. Our ambidextrous charging handle allows you to manipulate the firearm efficiently using either hand. Whether you are transitioning between magazine reloads, needing to move while hunting, or whatever your scenario is, having an ambi-handle ensures seamless operation giving you adaptability when you need it. You can also reduce movement and avoid shifting your grip or adjusting your stance to manipulate the bolt. This translates to faster follow-up shots and better performance. Our ambidextrous charging handle enables you to manipulate the bolt without compromising your shooting position. Left-handed shooters, in particular, benefit from easy access to the charging handle on the weak side. The BCA ambidextrous charging handle enhances your agility, speed, and adaptability, contributing to better performance.

BC-15 | 5.56 NATO Ambi Rear Charging Upper (

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