Friday, February 9, 2024

Savage Model 110 Carbon Predator in 6mm ARC in March Issue of Rifle

In this March issue of Rifle magazine, the new Savage Model 110 Carbon Predator in 6mm ARC graces the cover. This Savage Model 110 featuring a Burris Veracity PH 4-20x 50mm riflescope and topped with a SilencerCo Harvester EVO suppressor, is put to the rigorous test by Patrick Meitin. In this thorough review, he shares his breakdown of the rifle and as always, handloads included!

Learn a thing or two about the Winchester post-’64 Model 70 as Brian Pearce dives deep into the history of the modern classic like only Brian Pearce can do!

After 50 years of writing about firearms, Mike Venturino gives an apology to the Japanese Type 97 sniper rifle. While filming the Handloader TV World War II Series, Mike expressed his opinions on the 6.5mm sniper rifle, but after much testing, is sorry for denigrating the fine rifle. Check out the video here,

At 100 years old, the 270 Winchester’s flat arc and lightning kills are still charming hunters today. Wayne van Zwoll takes a look at the history of this cartridge and some of the rifles chambered in this fine hunting cartridge.

As always, our Light Gunsmithing column shows step by step how you can DIY most repairs on your rifles. Other topics covered in this issue are the 1903 Springfield rifles, the 22 Winchester Magnum rimfire, Springfield Armory’s M1A and much more!

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