Friday, June 28, 2024

Second Round of Pulsar’s Security Update Enhances Cybersecurity Protection

We are releasing the second round of major security update x.x.100 to further enhance cybersecurity across all Pulsar devices affected by the update. This update will automatically change the default password to a random one if the user has not previously changed it. This measure is essential for improving device security, stability, and compliance with new IoT (Internet of Things) cybersecurity regulations.

Devices Included in the Update

- Axion 2 thermal imaging monoculars (with and without LRF)

- Axion XM30 F thermal imaging monocular

- Krypton 2 thermal imaging front attachments

- Talion thermal imaging riflescopes

Password Management Post-Update

  • After the update, the default password will be randomized.
  • The new unique password can be found in the Wi-Fi settings section of the main menu.
  • If the default password was previously changed by the user, it will remain unchanged.

Reconnecting with your smartphone

Please be aware that after this update, due to the default password change, your smartphone will no longer connect to your Pulsar device via Wi-Fi network. A few simple steps need to be taken to reconnect your device:

  1. Go to your smartphone’s settings and choose to forget the existing device Wi-Fi network.
  2. Check for the new password in the Wi-Fi settings section in the main menu of your Pulsar device.
  1. Reconnect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi using the new device password.
  1. Now your smartphone and Pulsar device should connect as usual via Wi-Fi.

The second round of the security update x.x.100 will take effect on the 27th of June 2024.

Full list of updated devices:


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