Friday, September 15, 2023

New A400 Xtreme PLUS First Lite Cache & Typha Available Now Through Sports South

The A400 Xtreme PLUS First Lite Cache & Typha™ semi-automatic shotguns feature Beretta’s exclusive Steelium Plus barrels for reduced felt recoil and a step rib and enlarged controls for easier manipulation in all weather conditions.

Beretta Steelium Plus Barrels: Generate the best shot patterns possible using cold hammer forging and triple forcing cone technology. The forcing cone is 12.5” long which controls the pellets as the shot is fired, this control also reduces felt recoil and muzzle jump.

Kick-Off Mega Stock™: Today's most powerful recoil reduction system. The hydraulic shock absorbers act to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle jump.

B-LINK Gas Operation System: Uses the precision of a rotating bolt, ensuring a fast and reliable cycling system. Capable of cycling the lightest target loads and the heaviest 3.5” hunting loads.

Other key features include:

  • Optima-Bore HP Extended Choke
  • Hyrdo-dipped synthetic stock and forend
  • Micro-core pad
  • Cross bolt, reversible safety
  • 7575-T6 aluminum receiver
  • Step Rib 7x7mm
  • 28” barrel
  • 49.6” OAL
  • 7.8 lbs

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