Friday, November 19, 2021

V-TAC 25 Arrows

Target archers across the globe continue to make the switch to Victory Archery® thanks to unmatched performance and engineering innovation. With the world leader in carbon fiber manufacturing and innovation behind them, Victory Archery has consistently proven itself as a true innovator and industry leader. It was in that unrelenting pursuit of arrow perfection that the team developed the V-TAC™ series of target arrows. The V-TAC™ 23, 25, & 27 diameter arrows meld the latest in carbon fiber weave technology from Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America®, with insight from Olympic gold medal archers and industry top professionals to create the most accurate, consistent, and forgiving arrows on the market. A proprietary 90° weave allows for faster arrow recovery in flight and yields supreme spine uniformity, ±0.001” straightness and ±0.5 grain batch weights.

Lightning quick and tough as nails, the V-TAC™ 25 arrows dominate indoors and out. If you’re looking for unmatched accuracy, blistering speed, and the ability to shoot all day long, the V-TAC 25 is the target arrow your quiver has been craving. Crowding the X and 12 rings is the name of the game for the V-TAC 25. These .345 ID shafts are only 7.2 GPI giving you a distinct advantage when shooting unmarked yardages. Superior accuracy, unmatched toughness and blistering speed make the V-TAC 25 arrows a force to be reckoned. Shoot the V-TAC 25 and see for yourself why more archers are making the switch to Victory Archery.

Trust The Carbon Arrow Experts™ - Victory Archery is comprised of a team of archers, aerospace engineers, hunters and target shooters who each hold the highest standards in their disciplines. This has allowed for the melding of technology and innovation creating cutting edge hunting and target shooting arrows. Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world with manufacturing and research facilities distributed across the United States. This vertical integration gives Victory engineers direct access to the highest-grade carbon fiber technology available and gives hunters as well as target archers alike access to the most high-performance arrows ever produced. With precision engineering and infrastructure from one of the world’s largest carbon manufacturers behind Victory, it’s no wonder they are globally recognized as The Carbon Arrow Experts. Explore the product line & technology at: