Friday, November 18, 2022

Bowtech Reckoning Gen2

Bowtech Archery is proud to announce the launch of the Reckoning Gen2, engineered to dominate the podium no matter the shooting style. These gold-winning machines are driven by the DeadLock Cam System® featuring the revolutionary TimeLock™. TimeLock's unique no-bow press design allows for quick and easy cam positioning adjustment with a simple Allen wrench. Just loosen the locking screw, adjust, then lock it back down for confidence it won't move. The evolution in podium-dominating performance was designed in conjunction with top professional archers every step of the way, Paige Pearce and Tim Gillingham.

Developed in 3 options:

Reckoning Gen2 36™. At 36” axle-to-axle model, developed to the highest standards every competitive archer demands, driven by the DeadLock Cam System, featuring the revolutionary TimeLock. Tested and refined to create the most accurate, forgiving, X-smashing, and 14-ring pounding competitive machine ever built, period.

The Reckoning Gen2 SD™. Specifically designed for the competitive archer with a less-than-average draw length wanting the superior accuracy of the DeadLock Cam System.

Reckoning Gen39™. Engineered to dominate the podium no matter the shooting style. This gold-winning machine is driven by the DeadLock Cam System featuring the revolutionary TimeLock. Developed with a 39" axle-to-axle, it provides maximum stability for shot-to-shot consistency when winning comes down to a fraction of an inch.

“The Reckoning Gen2 is going to meet the needs of every target archer.” Said Paige Pearce, Bowtech Pro Shooter. “Every single piece of technology on the bow is customizable to the individual person.”

Tim Gillingham added, “The DeadLock Cam System is the best cam system I have ever seen in my 40-year archery career. Now with TimeLock, something I feel is unbelievably valuable to a target archer. It’s another unique and innovative feature from Bowtech to elevate the accuracy game.”

Additionally, the Reckoning Gen2 36 and the Reckoning Gen2 39 are available in a long draw cam option. Providing superior DeadLock and TimeLock tunability in longer than average draw lengths.

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