Friday, May 26, 2023

Victory Archery’s XBolt Delivers Knock-Down Performance for Crossbow Hunters

As The Carbon Arrow Experts™, Victory Archery™ equips archers with the highest-quality arrows and crossbow bolts for target shooting and big game hunting. For hunters who need dependable crossbow bolts that can withstand the power of today’s fastest crossbows, the XBolt delivers hard-hitting performance.

The XBolt is optimized with Victory’s EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center) design to help stabilize the bolt in flight. The high-quality crossbow bolts fly true and boast the knock-down power to effectively take down big game.

With a .300 standard diameter, XBolts are constructed of 100% carbon fiber for unmatched durability. They come spine aligned and are weight matched to ±0.5 grains for tight groups and ultra-accurate consistency.

XBolts are finished with Victory’s ICE™Nano Ceramic Coating for maximum penetration on game and easy removal from targets. Hand-fletched with 3” Fusion X-II Vanes. Each XBolt is equipped with a half-moon nock or optional lighted nocks, with specially designed brass inserts.

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