Friday, February 9, 2024

Silencer Shop Launches Custom Short Barrel Rifle Builder Program in Collaboration with Daniel Defense

Silencer Shop, the nation’s largest suppressor and NFA distributor, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exclusive Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) Builder program. This launch marks a significant milestone in firearms customization, combining the unparalleled simplicity of Silencer Shop’s eForm 1 submission system with the legendary quality of Daniel Defense AR-15 rifles. For the first time ever, 2A enthusiasts can effortlessly design a custom Daniel Defense short-barreled rifle tailored to their exact preferences and avoid the traditional ATF Form 4 wait times.

The SBR Builder program empowers customers to mix and match their preferred Daniel Defense upper and lower receivers to create a truly personalized firearm. Silencer Shop’s expert team will then assist customers with navigating the eForm 1 submission process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish. This service includes careful review of Form 1 information, precise laser engraving of the lower receiver with the customer’s details, notification of Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO), and coordination with one of over 6,000 local dealers in Silencer Shop’s extensive dealer network for easy pickup.

Key features of the Silencer Shop SBR Builder program include:

  • Selection from premium Daniel Defense upper receivers, including the MK18 10.3” 5.56 NATO, DDM4 V7S 11.5” 5.56 NATO, and DDM4 PDW 7” 300BLK.
  • Mix and match with Daniel Defense lower receivers, including the PDW, MK18, and DDM4, offering a range of options to suit every shooter’s needs.
  • Completed receiver groups include Daniel Defense furniture, MPI tested BCGs, charging handles, and everything else needed to have a fully functioning SBR, including a magazine and hard sided carrying case.
  • Simplified ATF eForm 1 submission, including expert eForm review, engraving services, and certification assistance, all at no additional charge.
  • Support from Silencer Shop’s dedicated compliance team, boasting a 99.5% accuracy rate in application review.

With Silencer Shop’s SBR builder program, customers can now easily navigate through the complexities of the ATF and NFA rules and regulations to get a short barreled rifle perfect for them. This program not only streamlines the process of acquiring a custom SBR, but also enhances the overall shooting experience with the renowned performance and reliability of Daniel Defense firearms.

Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop said “We’re excited to partner with Daniel Defense to offer our customers an amazing opportunity to build their own high quality SBR with ease. Our mission has always been to simplify the silencer and SBR ownership process, and the SBR builder program is a testament to that commitment.”

The Short Barrel Rifle Builder program is available now, exclusively through Silencer Shop. For more information and to start building your custom SBR, visit