Friday, September 16, 2022

Nov/Dec Handgunner Spotlights Wilson Combat’s “Cream Of The Crop” SFT9 9mm

“There are guns, and there are ‘sweet’ guns. You know the difference. I’d happily sell off a couple of ‘guns’ to make room in the safe for a ‘sweet’ SFT9,” notes American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale in the Nov/Dec issue’s cover feature.

The Wilson Combat SFT9 9mm’s performance on the range did not disappoint: McHale experimented with four different ammo types, including Hornady’s XTP bullet. The subsonic XTP offering, at 147 grains, clocked in with an average of 982.8 fps. This load also won the accuracy competition with 0.89" for five shots. He concludes: “Everything about this pistol is slick. Handling, feel, performance and the all-important fit and finish one expects in a premium pistol.”

Jeremy D. Clough showcases the impeccable talent of L.W. Seecamp in “Master Gunsmith’s One-Of-A-Kind.” Clough recalls, “When Wayne Novak tells you something is the best work he’s ever seen, you better listen. In this case, the gun he showed me was a compact M1911 with two slides and three barrels, capable of firing .45 ACP, .38 Super and 9mm. The pistol started life as a full-size Colt Government Model, only to find itself cut down to compact dimensions.”

Walther Arms’ PDP F-Series 4" 9mm tops this issue’s Handgun Giveaway. It sports an ergonomic design, a reduced trigger reach, reduced grip circumference, reduced slide force, SuperTerrain slide serrations and a high-quality striker-fired trigger — perfect for those with smaller hands. One lucky winner will also receive a 6" Round Knockdown Plate Rack Kit from THROOM Targets and a Venandi knife from CRKT. Valued at nearly $1,089, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Other points of interest in the Nov/Dec issue include an important lesson in why finding the natural point of aim matters if you want to land on target, as Serena Juchnowski explains in the Student Handgunner column. Hunting bigger game like a cape buffalo or brown bear requires efficient stopping power: Mark Hampton offers insights on “Big Bullets For Big Critters” in the Handgun Hunting installment. And in Tactics & Training, Tiger McKee stresses the multiple reasons for staying on the move when responding to a threat — move first, orient later; move to reduce risk; and move now, shoot later. It could save your life and the lives of others.

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