Friday, December 20, 2019

HIPERFIRE Releases HIPERTECH Bulletin #6

HIPERFIRE ranks MSR triggers by their hammer strike power and pull weight. The new metric to evaluate these triggers is called the power to weight ratio or PWR. The tech paper goes into the details showing the data in review from previous Bulletins and how the calculation is made and what it tells us about any MSR trigger rated this way. For most drop-ins on the market, the results are devastating. Because their hammer strike power fails to meet the SAAMI firing pin indent depth minimum, these triggers will light strike often. Who wants that in an AR15/10 type rifle? These same triggers exhibit low to medium trigger pull weights, making them popular, but at the cost of low hammer spring power. This paper is not the final word regarding hammer fall power and pull weight. But is the closest anyone has come yet to define a more accurate measure of MSR trigger performance and feel. HIPERFIRE is still not satisfied. HIPERFIRE will present the next step in HIPERTECH white paper #7 to include trigger creep that issues by New Year's Day. HIPERFIRE’s HIPERTECH Bulletin white papers can be found at

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC (d.b.a. HIPERFIRE) is a Minnesota limited liability company organized in 2011. It designs, manufactures, and sells novel products into the MSR marketplace to satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational and professional shooters.