Friday, May 26, 2023

Burris Optics Presents "Cowboy Insurance" Monday, May 29

The whole purpose of family-owned ranching is just having the ability to stay in business." – Jim Butcher, Cowboy Insurance

The business of veteran and multi-generation ranchers goes far beyond the P&L sheet. It is an all-consuming job and lifestyle—a 24/7 responsibility that doesn't stop for rain or snow or dark of night. And at no time is that truer than during calving season.

Cowboy Insurance is a Burris Optics original film that draws viewers into the Gateway Simmental Ranch, a fourth-generation cattle concern in Lewistown, Montana. Run by Jim Butcher and sons Logan and Brock, the film is an in-the-mud portrait of the ranching lifestyle and the never-ending challenges of livestock management. Spring, in particular, requires these ranchers to dig deep as they work the critical and often chaotic two-month calving season, combating unpredictable weather and predators to ensure their calves make it to the summer pastures.

From helping birth new calves to finding strays and keeping the herd safe from the always-present coyotes and mountain lions, Cowboy Insurance provides a seldom-seen glimpse into the austere life of the modern rancher. Making the Butchers' job more efficient in both time and money has been the introduction of Burris thermal optics.

In the film, viewers see how the value of thermal gear expands the cowboys' capabilities. Brock, who handles the night watch, shows how he utilizes Burris thermals to not only defend the newborn calves from predators, but to keep an eye on the herd during the wee hours and to locate mothers and calves that stray into the bush. Yet while thermal technology has enhanced ranch duty efficiency and saves time and wear on equipment, the job of a cowboy is never easy…and that is the way they like it.

Cowboy Insurance debuts Wednesday, May 30, on the Burris Optics YouTube Channel. Subscribe and like today to be notified when the film posts.

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