Friday, September 15, 2023

Ed Brown Custom M&P Tops Nov/Dec Handgunner

What’s a “Fueled M&P?” Think completely standard, except nearly every component in the pistol has been replaced with a high-end custom version. Editor Tom McHale summarizes his experience with the “fueled and ready” Ed Brown pistol in the Nov/Dec issue of American Handgunner.

McHale went hands on with the customized M&P Fueled with five different ammo varieties, with Norma Safeguard (1,224 fps) delivering a remarkable 0.78" five-shot group. He notes, “Between the 9mm chambering, the phenomenal grip texture and the suppressor, the gun shoots quite comfortably. It’s easy to control this pistol, so I shot well with it.”

In his uniquely articulate way, Will Dabbs, MD purports, “Really smart people invest their assets wisely. … You might have spare money cluttering up the crawl spaces in your attic and packed underneath your bed. However, if like me you have to work for your money, then the new Canik Mete MC9 from Century is the carry gun for you. It’s hands-down the best value in a micro compact carry gun in America today.” He explains further in “The Micro Compact Carry Gun For Smart People.”

Topping the Nov/Dec giveaway package is a Masada Slim from IWI US. The compact, striker-fired 9mm pistol has a 3.4" barrel, white front dot and blacked-out rear sight, flat trigger and includes two 13-round magazines. The winner will also receive a Spartan Harsey Folder 3.25 from Spartan Blades and two boxes of Liberty Overwatch 9mm ammunition from Liberty Ammunition. Valued at $945, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Additional highlights of the Nov/Dec issue include Gunsite CEO Ken Campbell’s insights on stress management in the Make Ready column. As he relays, “No one likes surprises, but they happen. If you have some idea of what’s coming up, it is less of a surprise and less of a stressor.” In Better Shooting, Dave Anderson shares four basic requirements for learning to shoot emphasized by industry legend Mike Plaxco, among which the importance of a clear and acceptable sight picture reigns supreme. And in “Best of the Best,” Mike “Duke” Venturino reveals his affinity for the revolver he favors most: N-Frame S&Ws.

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