Friday, November 19, 2021

Kimber’s R7 Mako Tops Jan/Feb Handgunner

“It’s a formidable package for concealed carry where accuracy, speed and dead reliability are critical. No wonder they named it after a shark,” says Jeremy Clough of the Kimber R7 Mako featured on the cover of January/February American Handgunner.

The combination of good ergonomics and a trigger with excellent mechanical accuracy makes the R7 Mako easy to shoot well, and the red dots’ simplification of the sighting process removes the traditional drawback of having a barrel that’s a mere 3"-and-change long. Clough concludes, “I’d say the gun was stupid accurate, but there’s nothing stupid about hitting your target, so it needs another superlative. Either ‘superb’ or ‘shocking’ would do.”

According to Serena Juchnowski, Ruger’s versatile hammer-fired, DA/SA SR22 pistol is surprisingly “comfy.” The rimfire pistol has many uses: It serves as a great trainer gun for larger centerfires, .22 LR self-defense option or low-recoil plinking gun. “Easy and fun to shoot, this is an item I’d take out to the range for some light plinking and keep by my bedside as a backup firearm,” she shares.

An SCCY Firearms DVG-1RD tops the Jan/Feb Handgun of the Month giveaway package. The striker-fired 9mm comes with a Riton Optics MPRD V2 red dot sight and has an 11-round capacity. The winner will also receive a 6" Round Knockdown Plate Rack Kit from Throom Targets, Pentagon FX Convert from SOG Knives and Protac 2L-X USP from Streamlight. Valued at more than $875, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

This top-of-the-year issue includes “Shoulder Holster Secrets” from Roy Huntington in the Carry Options column wherein he explains the nuances of what it takes to successfully understand and live with this method of carry. In the Shooting Iron installment, Mike “Duke” Venturino reveals why some of Colt SAA’s most popular chamberings have been developed by Winchester — as in Winchester Center Fire. With shelves all but bare of modern guns and ammo, Dave Anderson advocates taking a “vintage” approach to self-defense with the overlooked .38 S&W in Better Shooting.

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