Friday, March 26, 2021

Primary Arms Government Releases Full 2021 Catalog

Primary Arms Government has released their full 2021 Catalog, which highlights many new categories and services to support Military and Law Enforcement teams. With hundreds of new brands now available, Primary Arms Government is proud to connect professional customers with the highest quality products to ensure their safety in accomplishing the mission.

Primary Arms Government 2021 Catalog shows a comprehensive collection of mission-critical gear. By bringing Primary Arms’ renowned expert service to new categories like Night Vision, Body Armor, Apparel, and Protective Equipment, Primary Arms Government makes it easy for agencies to find the best equipment for their budget. In addition, Primary Arms Government highlights their complementary service programs that help their customers identify, test, and purchase new products with ease. These programs include:

Alongside these new programs, Primary Arms Government is expanding its team to provide partners with a higher level of service with next-day quotes and comprehensive product support.

“We’re definitely excited to have our first LE Catalog out! This is a huge step in getting the word out to agencies that we are a true public safety supply,” says Major Mathis, Primary Arms Government’s US Law Enforcement Sales Manager. “Primary Arms Government is here, and we’re ready to make sure you have exactly what you need.”

To view the full Primary Arms Government 2021 Catalog, visit the Primary Arms Government information page. For other news and announcements, follow Primary Arms on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

For more information on Primary Arms Government, visit the company website or contact:

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