Friday, November 18, 2022

Octane Accessories Launches New QDS Hunting Kit

In 2022 Octane Accessories launched the QDS™ 6" and 9" stabilizer. Since then, there has been an overwhelming demand for the QDS Stabilizer in a sidebar set-up.

Introducing the QDS Hunting Combo, providing hunters and 3D shooters alike the ability to fine-tune balance and stability for increased accuracy. Not only does it increase accuracy, but it also improves feel and reduces noise on the shot.

This combo is constructed from the highest quality materials and includes:

  • A 9" front bar
  • A 6" side bar
  • Front quick disconnect.
  • Adjustable side bar mount with integrated quick disconnect.
  • ¼" Allen wrench.

Like the QDS Stabilizers, the QDS Hunting Kit:

  • Reduces sound and vibration.
  • Increases accuracy.
  • Fits any bow with standard 5/16 -24 mounting threads
  • Features a removable weight system, customizable to perfect balance.

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