Friday, February 9, 2024

ALPS OutdoorZ Announces the Nomad Vehicle Organizer

NEW HAVEN, Mo. – ALPS OutdoorZ, premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and outdoor gear, understands that the “common denominator” for most hunters is the vehicle that supplies the means to adventure. And as every hunter knows, a hunting truck can devolve into a disorganized mess in short order.

To help keep your truck functional and your gear safely and conveniently stowed, ALPS OutdoorZ has developed the Nomad vehicle organizer.

The Nomad is a panel system that hangs from the back of your vehicle’s front seats. Offered in Mossy Oak® Original Bottomland® or stylish two-tone charcoal and black, the Nomad features a universal mounting design that easily secures to the headrest and seat bottom. Both panels (Nomad comes in a set of two) feature two large, zippered pockets across the top — one with an outer mesh pocket and the other featuring a hook-and-loop patch. An expansive open pocket on the bottom third of the panel is suitable for storing large items. Additionally, two magnetic closure pockets integrated onto the outside of the bottom pocket are perfect for stowing small items you need quickly. Three MOLLE webs allow you to further customize storage options.

To keep soft-cased long guns secure, the Nomad includes a drop-down slot-style scabbard. Simply unbuckle the scabbards on both panels and insert the cased long guns through the scabbard loops. This keeps guns off the floorboard and makes room for additional gear or rear seat passengers.

In addition to soft-cased long gun storage, the Nomad’s lower pocket will also accommodate most contemporary compound bows. This keeps your uncased bow safely secured and easily accessible while preventing impact damage to the sights and arrow rest.

Each Nomad organizer panel measures 21" L x 18.5" W and the combined set weighs 5 lbs., 8 oz. MSRP for the two-panel set is $99.99.

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