Friday, May 10, 2024

Burris Optics Partners with Actor/Outdoorsman Lucas Black

Befitting an optics manufacturer with a diverse product range geared toward hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, Burris Optics has announced a partnership with American actor and dedicated outdoorsman Lucas Black.

From his childhood acting days with the TV series American Gothic to film work including The Fast and the Furious franchise and, more currently, gritty faith- and morality-based dramas like Birthright Outlaw and Legacy Peak — movies that integrate elements and lessons from the outdoor lifestyle — Lucas Black is the real deal when it comes to hunting, fishing, and raising his family in the American outdoor heritage.

In addition to his acting, Lucas Black shares his passion for the outdoors on his Real Life Lucas Black YouTube channel, where Black invites viewers “to ride shotgun on all my hunting and fishing adventures.” With his distinctive southern drawl, country humor, and common-sense approach to life and dedication to faith, Black’s videos entertain, educate, and inspire.

“Burris products cover all the core interests of today’s outdoors men and women,” said Burris Director of Marketing Jordan Egli, “and Lucas Black is the epitome of that diversity, being a successful shotgunner, rifleman, bowhunter, and competitive angler. Supporting Real Life Lucas Black as he takes viewers on his multiple adventures from and deep south and across the country is a natural association for Burris Optics. We are thrilled to begin this new partnership with one of the finest, down-to-earth representatives of our community.”

You can check out Black’s latest trips, tips, and adventures over at Real Life Lucas Black on YouTube.

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