Friday, August 5, 2022

Blackwater and DI Optical Co. Ltd. in Partnership

Blackwater Worldwide is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with DI Optical Co. Ltd., a leader in military red dot optics and infrared laser aiming devices.

“We are excited to be expanding into optics with a strategic partnership with DI Optical Co. Ltd. from the Republic of South Korea. We have seen these optics in use overseas for several years with various military and federalized police forces.” said Jacob Herman, Global Sales Director, “Blackwater will be offering our overseas partners the opportunity to use DI Optical in their training and military programs. For the US Civilian and Law Enforcement market there will be some great collaborations with our BW15 rifle line”.

“The South Korean Armed Forces have been the shield against communism for the past 50 years. Their military technology is constantly being tested and updated. Our partnership will bring the very cutting edge of red dot and infrared aiming technology to our US market and foreign partners.” said Brad Gresham CEO Blackwater Worldwide. “Seeing the deluge of Chinese optics on the market we felt the need to bring a non-communist built alternative to our partners”.

“Just as the United States and Korea have maintained a good relationship by helping each other militarily and economically as a strong alliance for the past 70 years, DI Optical has partnered with the famous Blackwater to help the United States with our differentiated technologies and products. We will create business opportunities.

I am looking forward to the future we will create together through a good partnership with Blackwater,” said Mr. Jung, President DI Optical Co. Ltd.

D.I Optical RP-1 Red Dot Prism and TMF-1 are both currently available at