Friday, January 13, 2023

Taurus Raging Hunter 460 10.5 inch and 500 Magnum Press Release

As if being the most popular, and award winning hunting revolver wasn’t enough, the Taurus Raging Hunter line is expanding. First, we’re adding the new Raging Hunter 500 Magnum, officially chambering the toughest double action hunting revolver in the world in the world’s most powerful production handgun cartridge. But, as they said, wait there’s more! Because we’re also adding a 10.5 inch barrel model to the 460 Magnum Raging Hunter lineup, which features a proprietary compensator that effectively tames the 460 Magnum recoil.

First up, there’s the all new 10.5 inch barrel Raging Hunter in 460 Magnum. The prominent features on this gun start with the custom compensator. This first of a kind muzzle brake tames the felt recoil of 460 Magnum for the shooter, which legitimately allows rapid follow up shots. Up next there are the top and bottom picatinny rails. The top rail is perfect for optics, whether they’re magnified handgun scopes or wide field-of-view red dot sights. The bottom rail allows shooters to easily attach bipods, shooting sticks, or even a weapon mounted light if you wanted to.

Then of course there’s the new 500 Magnum Raging Hunter. Dirty Harry may be a little dated as a reference, but if he was packing a revolver in 2023, it would be a Taurus Raging Hunter 500 Magnum, because it’s the most powerful handgun in the world. Like all Raging Hunters, it features the Taurus double lock system, which ensures reliability when dealing with super high pressure magnum rounds. Additionally, it’s available in a range of barrel lengths, which means it's perfectly suited to duties as a dangerous game backup gun, or a primary hunting gun.

The Raging Hunter 500 Magnum and 10.5 inch 460 Magnum launches coincide with the launch of Taurus HUNT. This brand within Taurus coincides with our longstanding presence in the world of handgun hunting, and showcases our commitment to hunters, sportsmen, and outdoorsmen going forward.

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