Friday, June 4, 2021

Galco's Comfortable Hot-Weather IWB Holster Options

With June upon us, temperatures are starting to creep upward. Luckily, Galco has designed three inside the waistband holsters specifically to help stay comfortable in even the warmest months. Comfort is critical when carrying a handgun for defense, since an uncomfortable holster will mean the handgun is left at home when it’s needed most. And there’s no denying that Galco’s home town of Phoenix is the perfect proving ground for comfortable hot-weather holsters.

The KingTuk Cloud’s outstanding comfort level comes from its innovative backing plate, composed of a ballistic nylon front over a closed cell foam body. The back portion of the plate that rides against the wearer is lined with Galco’s Comfort Cloth™, an Adaptive Performance Mesh™ that provides padding and moisture wicking. A rigid Kydex holster pocket provides fast draw and easy holstering while facilitating a full firing grip.

With a backing plate constructed of the same Comfort Cloth as the KingTuk Cloud, the QuickTuk Cloud™ also offers extremely comfortable hot-weather carry. It features a neutral cant and a more narrow backing plate footprint designed for appendix carry, but still suitable for on-the-hip carry. Another key difference is the single forward-mounted UniClip™ which makes the QuickTuk Cloud quick and easy to put on and take off, while still remaining solid and secure inside the pants during concealed carry.

Finally, the KingTuk Air™ features a ventilated steerhide backing plate combined with the rigid Kydex holster pocket for extreme comfort in hot or humid climates along with fast draw and easy holstering. Like the KingTuk Cloud, the fore-and-aft placement of the dual UniClips offers excellent stability on the belt while still permitting convenient on-off ability.

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