Friday, May 10, 2024

May Shooting Industry Offers Glimpse At Ammo, Reloading Segments

Americans are gunning for long-range accuracy, and the reloading industry is in step with products tailored to ring distant steel. Bryan Hendricks sought what “insiders” had to say contributed to this shift, and how they’re providing for reloaders in SI’s May feature “Reloading Industry Targets Long-Range Accuracy.”

As Robin Sharpless, EVP of Redding Reloading Equipment, shared, “We’ve always catered to those guys who want benchrest accuracy. It’s all about building the ammo to get the most out of that rifle. There’s no limitation to what you can do with your own ammo.”

With summer swiftly approaching, Tim Barker suggests it’s a good time to consider those special sales events that attract droves of customers and manufacturers’ representatives by offering deep discounts, seasonal sales, raffles and lots of free swag. He provides ways to expand awareness and profits in “Summer Slump? Host Events!

Additional feature content includes how in-demand accessories such as red dots, weapon-mounted lights, speed loaders, slide-out safes and even bipods add significant value to a store’s profit margins when the right assortment — and knowledgeable staff — is offered. And although big-game season is months away, it doesn’t mean hunting sales have to stall. Serving varmint and predator hunters throughout the year is a gateway to steady sales.

With the tagline “Becoming the Sportswoman You Always Wanted to Be,” Sisterhood Outdoors endeavors to encourage and work with women in the outdoor areas of hunting, fishing and shooting. Founder Amy Ray recalls how this intriguing program came to be in Arms & The Woman. Michelle Scheuermann shares how AI can help a business like a personal assistant, with 20 tools to get started in Best Practices. In “Selling The Defensive Battery,” Massad Ayoob examines the practicality of arming citizens (i.e., customers) with the gear their local law enforcement carries.

By election year standards, demand has yet to hit high gear so far in 2024. Dealers and ammunition manufacturers weigh in on what they expect to see as we get closer to Election Day in Editor Jade Moldae’s Industry Link column.

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