Friday, February 9, 2024

Baschieri & Pellagri Products Now Available from Powder Valley

Powder Valley is offering customers more shotshell options with the addition of Baschieri & Pellagri products to its inventory.

Founded in Bologna, Italy in 1885 as a gunpowder company, Baschieri & Pellagri began producing smokeless powder two years before Alfred Nobel patented his Ballistite powder. The company started developing shotgun shells in the 1930s, then their one-piece plastic cup wads and plastic hulls in the 1960s. In the 1980s, Baschieri & Pellagri created the Gordon Basewad System.The company has continued to innovate, with developments such as the Green Core biodegradable wad, introduced in 2022. Baschieri & Pellagri is one of the only shotshell companies in the world to develop its own powder, held to the highest-quality standards for clean burning and consistency.

Powder Valley is now carrying a variety of shotshells, from competition loads to wing shooting options. To learn more and browse the full lineup, visit