Friday, July 16, 2021

Big Gun Chops, Rimfire Economy: Bergara’s B-14R Tops Sept. GUNS

A rimfire trainer and competition rifle with visions of centerfire grandeur, GUNS’ September cover gun, the Bergara B-14R, delivers pinpoint accuracy and exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

“The beauty of this particular beast,” Editor Brent Wheat notes, “is it’s an ersatz Remington 700 platform with .22 LR guts. In other words, you can practice for your PRS matches or your police sniper missions for pennies on the dollar. The manipulations are the same, you can add standard centerfire rifle accessories, the only thing different being the bang and recoil are much smaller so you and your wallet can hit the range anytime you feel like it.”

According to GUNS’ Will Dabbs, MD, when it comes to a carry gun, the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP is “as good as it gets.” It includes a Self-Indexing Compensator mounted onto an extended threaded barrel, a Springfield Armory exclusive HEX Wasp micro red dot optic, an optical bilateral manual thumb safety and 11-round flush-fitting magazine. He explains: “The new Hellcat RPD [Rapid Deployment Package] takes everything righteous and wholesome about the Hellcat and amps it up a notch. The end result is solid enough to bet your life on.”

An SCCY CPX-2RD tops the September Firearms Package Giveaway. The compact 9mm has an 11-round capacity, 3” barrel and Crimson Trace CTS-1500 with 3.5 MOA red dot sight. Additional prizes in the package include a Wedge flashlight from Streamlight, Click-n-Cut knife from Cold Steel and a 19-piece 9mm Pistol Field Cleaning Kit from Sport Ridge. The package is valued at $532. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Additional highlights inside GUNS September include a tribute to double rifles — and why they matter. Jeremy Clough recaps the history and lure of the rare and often beautifully crafted arms in “Lethal Artwork For Lethal Animals.” In the Handguns column, Massad Ayoob suggests those who want reload “faster than the devil” should consider using beveled magazines. When EDC inevitably starts to weigh a person down, lightening the load may mean putting aside some ego. Jeff “Tank” Hoover argues packing a lightweight gun isn’t wimpy, and provides reasonable options to continue carrying with confidence in the Think Tank installment.

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