Friday, November 20, 2020

Ripcord New For 2021: CodeRedX and DriveCage

Ripcord is proud to announce that simple and repeatable accuracy now has the ultimate in arrow security. Introducing the DriveCage, featuring the new Ripcage full arrow containment system. With the DriveCage, archers can lock their arrow in the cage, and it’s not getting out until they set it free. Additionally, it features a new Whale-Tail launcher arm that is ultra-wide and ensures the arrow is guided perfectly to center ensuring arrows are ready to make the perfect shot.

The RipCage is also available separately so that archers can also upgrade their current* Ripcord rest to increase arrow security and reduce noise.

“The new DriveCage and CodeRedX arrow rests deliver the reliability and performance bowhunters are accustomed to with Ripcord!” Said Todd Snader, Brand Manager.

To further round out Ripcord’s 2021 product line, the next level of rock-solid dependability and accuracy has arrived with the new CodeRedX. Based on Ripcord’s most reliable rest ever, the CodeRed, the new CodeRedX is lighter and smoother than ever. Additionally, it now accepts the new RipCage, providing full arrow containment and decreased noise.

To experience the most dependable and reliably accurate arrow rests in the industry for yourself, visit your local Ripcord dealer

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*Does not fit original CodeRed or LOK