Friday, May 10, 2024

HOWA and CITADEL - USA Flag Items Now Shipping

Legacy Sports Int’l has put a wide variety of USA Flag decorated items into their production for dealers to take advantage of to spice up their Memorial Day and July 4th themed promotions. There is a wide variety of options from the ever popular HOWA Precision Rifle Flag Chassis packages to the CITADEL Trakr Flag Rimfires in semi auto or bolts, along with the CITADEL 1911 Flag 45 ACP’s and 380’s , the CITADEL CP9 Flag 9mm’s and the CITADEL Flag BOSS25’s.

These patriotic offerings are available in Red, White and Blue or Grayscale Flag patterns and are not only great looking and stand out on the shelf, they are value priced with all of the usual HOWA and CITADEL quality features they are known for.

NOW SHIPPING … Here is a list of some of the great flag offerings to take advantage of -

• HOWA Flag Chassis Pkgs – RWB or Grayscale

6.5 Creed or .308

Steel or Carbon Fiber Barrels

• HOWA Respect Flag

Std & Mag Calibers

Blue & Stls options

• CITADEL Trakr Flag Rimfires

Semi Auto - .22 LR

Bolt Action -. 22 LR, 17HMR, .22 Win Mag

• CITADEL 1911 Flag 45 ACP’s

Full Size and Commander

Flag Ammo Can Combo Options

• CITADEL Baby 1911 Flag .380’s

Flag Ammo Can Combo Options

• CITADEL CP9 Flag 9mm

Flag Ammo Can Combo Options

• CITADEL BOSS25 Flag 12 ga.

For a complete list of model numbers and pricing please call 775 828 0555 ext 125 or email