Friday, September 15, 2023

GForce Arms Inc Announces SPIFF for New GForce One Shotgun

With the launch of the new GForce One 12 GA Inertia Waterfowl Shotgun with a lifetime warranty GForce Arms announces a SPIFF program for all distribution and dealer level sales people. The SPIFF program will run from September 15 – December 31, 2023. For each GForce One model shotgun sold at the distribution level, the sales person will receive $20 from GForce Arms. Additionally, the sales person at the dealer level will also get $20 for every GForce One they sell. To qualify for payment, the sales person at the distribution or dealer level simply needs to send the following information to

  1. Sales Person Name
  2. Distribution Company or Dealer they work for
  3. Phone number
  4. Sales Person’s mailing address for the SPIFF check.
  5. Copy of each sales receipt/invoice that includes the serial number of the sold gun.

Details of the SPIFF program, including eligible models, instructions for submittal, and timing of payment can be found on the company website at

“We believe in a strong relationship with our distribution and dealer partners, and this SPIFF program on the new GForce One Waterfowl model is designed to help foster that relationship. We are extremely proud of the quality of the GForce One, and we’re excited get the word out,” says Bryan Wilson, President and co-owner of GForce Arms, Inc.

This program is only for in person sales. Online sales at the dealer level are excluded. Any questions regarding the program can be sent to Include “SPIFF” in the subject line.