Friday, November 22, 2019

HIPERFIRE Releases HIPERTECH Bulletin #5

The hammer strike power of AR-type rifle fire-controls is the topic of this white paper. HIPERFIRE ranks the hammer fall of its two trigger families, EDT® and HIPERTOUCH®, against 24 of the most popular trigger products. The triggers divided into three distinct groups, and all compared to the so-called MIL-spec as a baseline. The groups comprised single-stage component installs, 2-stage installs, and single-stage and 2-stage drop-in install types. Pull weights lower than what so-called MIL-spec triggers feature is definitely in the sights of manufacturers of these triggers, but this comes at a cost to some: light strikes or failure-to-fire, FTF. The white paper presents the SAAMI copper crusher data that measures the hammer strike’s power to reliably touch-off SAAMI spec primers.To HIPERFIRE's knowledge, this data collection can be found nowhere else in one place.

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