Friday, November 18, 2022

Diamond Archery Launches New Alter

Introducing the new Diamond Alter, featuring true versatility and performance, changing the game for those that desire the ultimate archery experience.

Driven by the patented Synchronized Binary Cam System®, this bow puts accuracy at the forefront and speeds up to three hundred and thirty feet per second while providing easy set-and-forget tuning at a price only this bow offers.

With ten inches of draw length adjustability and a draw weight range from eight to seventy pounds, the Alter’s is the perfect choice for young or old, beginner or expert, and anyone in-between.

Diamond made it simple to adjust on the fly. With a simple Allen wrench, quickly and easily set the draw length anywhere from twenty-one to thirty-one inches without ever having to put the bow into a press. Adjusting the draw weight is just as easy, simply turn it up or down to match your desired draw weight for you or your archery shooting family.

The Alter is fully outfitted to get you shooting fast. The Alter comes standard with premium accessories from the award-winning brand Octane

  • Furnace™ 5 arrow quiver
  • Stryker™ 3-pin sight
  • Octagon™ full capture arrow rest
  • Boost™ 5" stabilizer.

Additionally, it comes with a Diamond wrist strap and peep sight.

The Alter, there’s no need to settle for OK; take charge and alter your success.

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