Friday, September 15, 2023

Big & J Introduces the Bone Collector Series

A name in the hunting industry often recognized is Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew. Ever since their early days as hunting personalities, the Bone Collector crew has relied on a variety of products that have proven effective in their pursuit of mature bucks. With several years of experience under their belts, they always turn to Big & J products, knowing that the undeniable results speak for themselves.

“We see more deer in front of game cameras and our stands, have consistent growth in our bucks, and our deer herd as a whole,” says Waddell. Because of Big & J, the Bone Collector crew can harvest the deer they have been chasing yearly.

Big & J has partnered with the Bone Collector to develop the new Bone Collector Blend to help hunters harvest bigger, better, and even more deer. The new series of the Bone Collector Blend can be found in three different products: a blend, a block, and a liquid.

Bone Collector Blend

The new Bone Collector blend is formulated with three irresistible grains that feature the special aroma that Big & J is known for. In this era of food plots and property management, deer often choose to go to the setup that is best for them. The new Bone Collector Blend quickly becomes the hunter's secret weapon.

The powerful aroma results from a proprietary refining process that attracts deer from long range. The TDN (total digestive nutrition) level in the new Big & J Bone Collector Blend is higher than all other premium feeds and has a high protein level, keeping bucks coming in all year.

Available in 20lb bags

Retail: $24.99

Bone Collector Block

The new Bone Collector Block from Big & J features any available consumption block's highest protein and lowest salt content. The new Block is a compressed form of the Bone Collector Blend. Why put it in a block form? It lasts longer in the field and can be used when minimizing human activity is crucial.

The Bone Collector Block is made to attract deer from long range while providing the nutrients and protein that deer desire. Because many hunters do not live where they hunt, thus reducing the time they get to check on their feeding sites, the long-lasting Block keeps deer coming in for an extended period while minimizing activity, which keeps bigger mature bucks coming to feed.

Available exclusively at Walmart

Available in a 20lb block

Retails: $24.99

Bone Collector Liquid

The new Bone Collector Liquid has the same features as the Bone Collector Blend—three irresistible grains with the special aroma of Big and J. The TDN (total digestive nutrition) level in the Bone Collector Liquid is higher than all premium feeds and has a high protein level that deer keep returning for more.

With a proprietary secret attractant, protein content, fat content, and molasses, the Bone Collector Liquid form keeps bucks coming in while supercharging feed sites with the attractant power of the Bone Collector Blend. The hunter can pour it on the ground or blend it with other feeds to give the area the taste and attractive aroma the Big & J is known for.

Available in a 1-gallon bottle

Retails: $12.99

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